Oversize/Overweight Permits

The Truck Permit Office issues Oversize/Overweight permits. You can contact them directly at (225) 343.2345 or (800) 654.1433 or order through a permitting service, who will charge an additional processing fee.

For permit questions see http://perba.dotd.louisiana.gov/welcome.nsf/ for more details.

Except in the case of a permit service:

  • The name of the applicant shall be identical on the registration agreement and surety bond and on a permit issued there under.
  • A person desiring permits to be issued in more than one name shall register separately under each name and file separate registration agreements and surety bonds.

A person shall first have to be registered by the Department under § 179.5 (relating to the issuance of registration agreement), to be eligible to apply for or to obtain a permit by telefacsimile or another wire method approved by the Department. Otherwise, the application shall be made in person or by mail, accompanied by a certified check or money order.

For more information see here